64oz Craft Beer Pouch of South Gate IPA

An aromatic West Coast IPA brewed with Simcoe, Denali and New Zealand Pacifica hops. Well-balanced, featuring piney and citrus flavors as well as crisp malt character. 7.4% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Gold Diggin’ Blonde

A crisp, refreshing golden ale brewed with imported German hops and malts. Cold fermented as a lager would be. Summertime house favorite. 4.7% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Hazy Stargazer IPA

Pungently dank. 7%

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Oaktown Pecan Brown

An English-style brown ale brewed with pecans, chocolate malts and British East Kent Golding hops. Distinct brown sugar and pecan in the nose and on the palate, reminiscent of pecan pie. A gold medal winner at the San Diego International Beer Festival. 4.8% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Tomahawk Imperial Red IPA

Rich caramel character and a delicious hoppy finish. It’s an Imperial version of our Tenaya Red IPA, meaning it was brewed with more malt and hops, giving the beer higher ABV and also adding complex flavors. Brewed with Simcoe, Cascade and Northern Brewer Hops. It happens to be Brewmaster Rick’s favorite beer and won a gold medal at the 2017 Los Angeles International Beer Competition. 9.2% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Honey Badger Wheat Ale

A refreshing, unfiltered American Wheat beer, made with Pacifica hops imparting a burst of fresh orange aroma and flavor which is complimented by the addition of local orange blossom honey. 5% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Tenaya Red IPA


64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Deadwood Porter

A smooth English-style Porter with roasted coffee and chocolate characteristics. Brewed with imported British Crystal malts and East Kent Golding hops. 5.8% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Shadow of the Mountain IPA$20.00
64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Mango Pina Sour$20.00
64oz Craft Beer Pouch of 1864 Amber Lager

An elegant, malty German lager with rich, freshly toasted malty character and a clean dry finish.  Brewed with Hallertau Mittlefrüh as well as wild hops from Yosemite Valley.  5.5% ABV

64oz Craft Beer Pouch of Glacier Point Pale Ale

A classic American Pale Ale packed with citrus flavor and aroma as well as caramel notes. Brewed and dry hopped with generous amounts of hops from the Pacific Northwest and New Zealand. 5.6% ABV

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